Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shorter bars, levers, coil mount, breather mount and such.

Making some hay before vacation.
The coil mounted below my fuse box.

The breather mount is tacked in.

Got a notched threaded bung from to hold the NPT union for my oil pressure gauge. I turned down the end to fit. Overkill I know but the lathe makes me giddy. Thanks again for the lathe time Tom.

Bars are much shorter so the clutch pull was funky to say the least. I had a few extra levers so I heated one up until I found a shape that had an easier pull. Cut, file, more file, wire wheel, scotch-brite wheel, and it's done.

Bars done. Gotta work on ditching that ugly brake fluid reservoir.

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Anonymous said...

man, let me know what you come up with for the master. my scram has that same piss cup & im just waiting for it to be smashed to peices on a tree anyday now. riding big heavy bikes in the woods seems to break a lot of shit, i dont understand why?

-joe z.